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What is Killers and Thieves?

Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack.

In Killers and Thieves control a feudal Thieves Guild, preying on the riches of an old and corrupt city. Recruit randomly generated thugs and crooks and turn them into master thieves and skilled assassins with unique Abilities, Traits and Appearances.

Pull off Heists on procedural city blocks. Control multiple thieves in real time and gather as much Loot as you can. Just don't overplay your hand. Capture leads to prison time, or death. and dead in these parts is permanent.

You'll have to steal enough to pay expenses as you expand your influence across the city. Send your Mercenaries on Missions to take advantage of the political landscape and cripple your rivals' resources. They won't appreciate the competition. But that's OK. You've got all the friends you need.

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